Ivory Coast 2021

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The 1st free town for Africans in the Americas

Being able to take a quick step away from the enjoyment & partying to make an impact on people’s lives is truly rewarding! Giving back while enjoying other people’s culture is the core value of DiscoverGidi. Enjoy this snippet of us taking the first free town in America! A Day Trip to Palenque de San Basilio.

DiscoverGidi 2019 Lagos 🇳🇬 X 🇬🇭 Accra

Video Recap

This video highlights Discover Gidi in December visiting Lagos Nigeria an expanding to Accra Ghana. This entire video shows the genuine experience of the travelers in full. No scripts, just pure vibes. This is what you should expect when traveling to West Africa with DiscoverGidi

Views from Gidi

And just like that, #DettyDecember is complete. 2019 was definitely another one for the books!⁣⁣
Super honored & grateful for all the new and old faces that joined us this trip. We are so appreciative of you guys trusting us to bring you guys all the way to West Africa. 

Giving Back

In the midst of enjoying Nigerian culture, food and parties, we always try to remember what matters the most! Giving back! We traveled to Ajegunle to make an impact on these kids lives with the help of your donations. This is what really makes us our heart beat and makes us all human beings! These kids were so appreciative they started praying for our entire group! 😢🙏🏾 We want to Thank you guys again for your donations!